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Migration Agent Melbourne

Migration Agent Melbourne

Migration Agent Melbourne · Our principal, Jay To is a migration lawyer not a migration agent and with 20+ years of legal experience can help you migrate to Australia.

Welcome to Migration Agent Melbourne.

To Legal is an Australian law practice based in Melbourne and practises exclusively in Australian immigration law.

Our principal, Jay To:

  • is a migration lawyer and holds a current Australian Practising Certificate (Lawyer)
  • has 20 years of legal experience including 15 years working in Australian immigration law
  • has completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Finance dual degree

We provide professional yet personalised immigration services. We think strategically when planning and advising you about your visa application, nominration or sponsorship.

In addition, we provide practical solutions and speak in ‘plain English’ without using unnecessary legal terms.

Our professional fees are charged on a fixed costs basis to avoid any unpleasant surprises with legal costs.

Moreover, fixed costs immigration services provide more certainty for planning and budgeting purposes.

For all your immigration needs contact To Legal for professional and cost-effective immigration services.

Migration Agent Melbourne

It is important to understand that a migration lawyer in Melbourne is not the same as a migration agent in Melbourne, namely:

Migration Lawyer MelbourneMigration Agent Melbourne
Registered and licensed Australian Lawyer
Admitted to practise as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Victorian Supreme Court
Completed a Juris Doctor or Bachelor of Laws
Gained Legal Training and Work Experience
Access to Legal Professional Privilege for Clients
Completed a Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law
Has passed the Legal Training Australia – Capstone Assessment

Using an Overseas Agents

Surprisingly, a common misunderstanding is that it is better to use an overseas agent because:

  • a migration lawyer in Melbourne is not located overseas
  • a migration lawyer in Melbourne does not speak the local language

In reality, overseas posts such as the Australian Embassy or Australian General-Consulate only communicate in English.

Moreover, any non-English documents provided to an overseas post must have an official English translation.

We believe that due to the complex and complicated Australian immigration laws, policies and procedures that English fluency, and a legal background is better.

Furthermore, like most Australian law practices, we use emails, phone calls and video conferences for most client communications.

Modern technology now allows businesses to operate in an efficient and effective manner that was impossible only a generation ago. 

Therefore, the advantages and the convenience of using a local overseas agent is very minimal, if any.

To Legal MelbourneOverseas Agents
Able to check the law practice is active and registeredclick to check
Admitted to practise as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Victorian Supreme Court
Completed a Bachelor of Finance and Bachelor of Laws
Have Legal Experience (PQE)20 years
Have Immigration Experience15 years
Maintain up-to-date knowledge of migration law and procedures
Keep a Professional Library with direct access to migration laws, regulations and Government policies
Undertake annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance (Lawyer)