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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Migration Agent Melbourne · Terms of Use · This website covers an overview of areas of interest. No Legal Advice is given on this website.

The terms of use for this website include all information provided on this website is strictly general information only.

Furthermore, we provide this website on a ‘good faith’ and ‘as is’ basis to cover an overview of areas of interest.

This website does not provide any immigration and/or legal advice whatsoever and strictly provides general information.

You should not rely on any material on this website as a basis for doing or not doing anything whatsoever.

In addition, you should obtain professional advice before taking any actions based on any information on this website.

We make no representation or warranty as to whether the information on this website is accurate, current or complete.

Therefore, we shall not accept any liability for injury, loss or damage incurred due to any information on this website.

However, we believe in openness and transparency, therefore, we encourage visitors to our website to check that our principal, Jay To is an Australian Lawyer.

Terms of Use

‘To Legal’ refers to ‘Jay To trading as To Legal’ and ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ or similar meaning refers to ‘To Legal’.

In the course of running our Australian law practice, we may collect personal information about you.

We may use this information to market our law practice, provide legal advice and to meet our legal obligations.

However, we maintain a commitment your privacy at all times.

This website has images and photos for illustrative purposes and for general reference only.

We have lawfully purchased images and photos shown on this website from a third party.

However, if you believe you own the rights to any of these images or photos or if you have a query about how your personal information is collected or used, please contact Migration Agent Melbourne.